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All the papers in the journal are freely accessible as online full-text content and permanent worldwide web link. The article will be indexed and available in major academic international databases. <strong>JMSS</strong> welcomes you to submit your research for possible publication in <strong>JMSS</strong> through our online submission system. <strong>ISSN: 2583-1798 (E)</strong></p> A2Z Journals en-US Journal of Management and Service Science (JMSS) 2583-1798 Comparison of different Health and Nutrition Management Apps: A Comprehensive Analysis <p><em>The usage of smartphones has increased at an exponential rate. With the increase in workload pressure and changing lifestyles, the importance of health has increased in today’s world. Elderly and Senior Citizen wants to track nutrients and exercises per pre-vailing health issues in the body. Youngsters wish for fitness and body shaping. Teen-agers are busy preparing for exams and other things, similarly, nutrients are required to get energy. Considering this increased awareness of health and nutrients, this review paper compares existing health and nutrition management apps. The paper will help the users to gain insight into various existing technologies and apps.</em></p> Deepa Bura Tushar Saini Aman Negi Copyright (c) 2022 Deepa Bura, Tushar Saini, Aman Negi 2022-11-25 2022-11-25 2 2 1 11 10.54060/jmss.v2i2.23 Recent Trends in IoT : A review <p><em>The first wave of the internet revolution came in with the growth of personal computers and in the second wave the internet came right onto our palms that is with the advent of mobile devices and here we are, living the third wave where all electronics devices are almost already connected to internet or will be in the near future. We are quickly going into another universe of computing and network. Machines with sensors and sensors catching information sending this data to distributed storage for additional and future use and this cycle in the area of science and innovation many are calling as "The Internet of Things". Machine to machine, machine to system, machine to condition, the Internet of everything, the web of clever things, sharp structure — call it as the need might arise, but it's going on, and its future open doors is enormous and huge. In this paper, we seek to highlight the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) in general, as well as reviewing the main challenges of the IoT environment by focusing on the recent research directions in this topic. Recently, IoT has emerged as a new technology that is used to express a modern wireless telecommunication network, and it can be defined as an intelligent and interoperability node interconnected in a dynamic global infrastructure network, also it seeks to implement the connectivity concept of anything from anywhere at any time. They range widely in use, size, energy capacity, and computation power. However, the integration of these smart things into the standard Internet introduces several security challenges because the majority of Internet technologies and communication protocols were not designed to support IoT.</em></p> Anshika Rawat Amit Pandey Copyright (c) 2022 Anshika Rawat, Dr. Amit Pandey 2022-11-25 2022-11-25 2 2 1 12 10.54060/jmss.v2i2.21 Energy Management in Cloud Through Green Cloud Technologies <p>To address the issue of storage and processing of large-scale data, Cloud Computing has gained swift progression in the field of technology. Though offering solutions to many problems, cloud computing is still in the early stage of research and implementa-tion. It suffers from many challenges namely security, standardization and energy con-sumption. In this paper, we focus on the issue of energy consumption through cloud computing and the technology known as Green Cloud Computing to tackle the said issue. Green Cloud Computing plans to lessen the immense energy utilization, the re-quirement of physical equipment, destructive fossil fuel byproducts and so on. To shield our current circumstances from cloud technology’s adverse consequences, the cloud framework should be updated toward green registering. Green cloud computing broad-ly centers around the planning of effective clouds with green qualities like efficient en-ergy management, virtualization, load balancing, green servers, reusability, grid com-puting and recyclability.</p> humra khan Pawan Singh Copyright (c) 2022 Humra Khan, Dr. Pawan Singh 2022-11-25 2022-11-25 2 2 1 11 10.54060/jmss.v2i2.19